Why Celebrity Gossip Is So Boring

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Why Celebrity Gossip Is So Boring

What is it about celebrity news that makes it so interesting? Is it the gossip, the scandals, or maybe it is all the great photos? One thing is for sure and that is no matter what celebrity does not do, the general public always seems to weigh in with their two cents worth. And we wonder what they have to say about their favorite celebrity and how they feel about his or her latest misbehavior.

Take former Miss Brazil who recently was arrested for driving under the influence. While obviously drinking and driving is against the law, what can you say about the fact that she chose to do it in the open? Was she having a good time, or going crazy? While some people are saying that it is the end of the road for her, others believe she has at least let everyone know she is not a real bimbo and probably even saved herself a booking in rehab. It is interesting to follow the path of any celebrity and keeping up with celebrity news is one way to keep up with them.

We can go as far as to say that celebrity news makes for great entertainment. When one is bored or sad they turn to television and the tabloids for entertainment. Even though they may be filled with half truths and blown rumors some of them do make you think. The world at large likes to speculate on the things that happen around them whether it is true or not. So if you were to read celebrity news on a daily basis, you would at least get a few of those wild speculations and ideas. Many people enjoy reading those celebrity news stories because they like to see what other people are thinking.

We all love to criticize celebrities for various reasons but reading about what they do or say is no different than criticizing someone in person. We all want to find something to fault in them and make them seem less than human. So we sometimes use our most vicious attacks in a more public way and that sometimes helps us find out something we didn’t know before about a person.

One can only speculate on the things that a celebrity may say in any celebrity gossip story but one thing for sure is that the majority of celebrity gossip is completely bogus. It is interesting that people will sit up on celebrity news and comment on it but when it comes down to it, most of the celebrity gossip in the tabloids and newspapers is all bogus. So those celebrities that are constantly making the news are making themselves out to be a fool more often than not.

The reason the celebrity news is so bogus is because the general public has no clue who they are. They are just walking billboards for the people that buy their magazines. Everyone wants to know who this person really is and what do they have to say about their lives. Celebrities make us curious about their lives, so much so that we want to know more. However, we should remember that these celebrities are just walking billboards for us.