Upcoming Music Events

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Upcoming Music Events

Music lovers who want to make the most of the summer months may want to start listening to Music 2021. The new radio show from Rebecca Ferguson, hosted by Paul Bailey, will be broadcasted each week during the July tournament. Music fans can tune into Music 2021 every Tuesday at 10PM on WAXQ in New York. This is one of the highlights of the summer for music fans everywhere, and Rebecca F Barnes knows that she has a special gig to perform at in the weeks before the event. The show features a variety of musical acts that will surely delight music lovers and jazz enthusiasts. A preview of some of the performances can be seen below.

The Weeknd: The star of the show, The Weeknd, is taking over the Jazz Nightclub in New York with his new music video for his song “A new breed of Stars”. Expect songs like Starboy and Get My Mind Ready. Also look out for the band We Are Here, which performed at the same club in June for their song Beautiful Now. Another group to keep an eye out for is the electro-rock band Sky. They recently released their new album Sunset, which includes an appearance by We Are Here.

The Game: J. Cole is another artist to keep an eye out for when it comes to music related events. His new single called “roochie” was previously released on J. Chesky’s radio station. If you are a fan of his older music then you will want to track down this single. Other artists that will be performing include J.Lo, Akon, Rihanna and Young Jove.

Tennis: When it comes to music and sports, tennis has long been one of the more popular choices. Serena Williams is the current WTA champion and has received a lot of support since her win over Kim Clijsters in the US open final. She is also a four time Grand slam tennis champion. Tennis lovers can watch the action on the free webcast known as Tennis Channel. Other tennis matches including the US open or Wimbledon can also be covered live.

NASCAR: NASCAR is another sport that has gained popularity in recent years. This sport features some of the world’s top drivers and teams. Live coverage of events can be obtained by tuning into the game’s channel on television. Coverage includes races from the Nationwide Series and Truck Series. There have been several rumors that the next NASCAR race could be held in Hawaii. Stay tuned to our website for more details.

Anime: Anime is becoming more popular as fans continue to grow tired of the typical shows that air in the western world. Anime has been airing in the United States since 2021. Due to its popularity, the animation has been licensed for use in home video formats and is now available for download. The game console itself can be purchased through the internet.