Three Main Guitar Styles For Country Music

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Three Main Guitar Styles For Country Music

Country music has been around for decades. It’s an evergreen and favorite musical style. In fact, if you want to get a list of top country songs, go to a country music quiz and see how many choices pop up. You might be surprised at how many songs there are, but it’s also interesting to see the history of this popular genre. Here are some of the best country songs ever.

This is probably my personal favorite country music song. This oldie but goodie is about an old-fashioned southern way of doing things, down to the last Mississippi River blues. This is one of the few country songs that still makes the cut when the Top 100 is released. “Old Time Blues” is one of my favorites because it has a great old-time sound to it.

This is another old-time classic. This one uses the Fiddle and Bass guitar, which are an easy, basic, yet powerful instrument. The song title is “Blue Moon of Kentucky.” This very colorful and fun genre blends well into the Top Country Music genres.

“ENCORE” is probably my favorite old time country music tune. It was recorded by Johnny Cash and has an incredibly soulful sound to it. Listening to this one always gets me really excited for Oktoberfest in September. I’m also a fan of old time “blue jean” music and this is one of my favorites.

These three examples are just a few of the many country music genres out there. There are plenty more genres, such as bluegrass, folk, polka, jazz, country and even metal. These are all broad genres that cover a plethora of musical styles and can be fun to explore at your leisure. If you have not found one you enjoy listening to, I recommend checking them out because each of these has something interesting about it that can’t be found in many other genres.

Country music is alive and well. I hope this introduction to some of the many wonderful country music songs has been helpful. If you’re interested in learning some country music or swing or western swing lessons, why not check out my website? You can find some of my best material there, along with a whole lot of free music to download!

Blues lovers are known for their great guitar work, but they are just as diverse as country music fans. Traditionally, guitarists played just strumming chords, but now blues guitarists can hit blistering high notes while weaving in and out of complex chord changes. One of my favorites is Stevie Ray Vaughan with his band The Bluegrass Orchestra. Some of his songs are still some of the greatest, most funky things to listen to!

If you’re looking for some new ideas to get into when learning how to play country music, why not try some of these three styles? They have their own unique sound that can be exciting and different. I hope this introduction has been helpful in your research into the many genres that truly make this great nation of ours so much richer. Music makes our dreams come true, keeps us on the move and holds us together.