The Top 10 Country Songs

If you are looking for the next big thing in music then country music may be the way to go. According to the Audio Electronics Magazine, the top three country music genres are: Old Time Country, Rock and Roll, And So to Speak. These are just some examples and there are many more genres that have taken shape in recent years. Country music is one that has had a huge impact on the audio industry over the past 20 years. With its mixture of beautiful harmonies, catchy tunes, and traditional country melodies, country has established itself as the kind of music lovers will always love to hear.

country music

Old time country music was all about the people, especially the simple ones who lived by the wayside or the backwoods. It often had a slow tempo and used local instruments like the fiddle, mandolin, upright guitar, banjo, harmonica, steel guitar, recorder, even the ukulele. There were a lot of artists that came out of this group including Ella Fitzgerald, Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, Lefty Myers, Rosemary Clooney, Roseanne Barr, Eddie Cochran, Amy Waterman, and many others. Some of these artists have gone on to be stars today, while others have made contributions to the genre through their recordings.

Over the past couple of decades there has been a resurgence of interest in old time country music. As the Internet becomes more readily available, more artists who are considered “legends” in their genre are making their way into the mainstream. One of the newer and more popular artists to make a splash in the world of country music is Nashville’s own Lefto, along with his band consisting of the very popular Left Bank Band.

One of the most popular genres of country music is rock. This can be traced back to the birth of rock & roll, which was in fact a reaction to the increasing popularity of country music. In fact, it was the frustration of country fans over the lack of quality country music that lead to the creation of this new musical style. Many early rock songs were heavily influenced by the blues. Rock has since found its way into other genres, particularly pop, allowing a wider variety of artists to come into the country charts.

Folk music is another of the many genres that fall under the category of traditional country music. Many people think of this music as being old fashioned and containing old fashioned lyrics. Folk music is one of the more unique genres within country music. It has its origins in many other genres of music, but in essence it consists of traditional folk songs with a folkier flavor. Examples of folk songs that have found their way into the country charts include “Mr. Tambourine man”, “My Mama’s Boyfriend”, and “You Are My Sunshine”.

Finally, one of the most popular categories of country music is that of the white artist. Over the past several decades, white artists have increasingly had a large number of hits in the country music arena. The main reason for this is that white people have been feeling empowered through the country music association. Historically, white people would vote and purchase country songs according to their preferences. With the inclusion of artists like Chuck Berry, Elvis, and Bob Dylan, the number of white country music fans has increased dramatically over the past several decades.