New Wave Music – What Has Changed For The Music Industry?

New music, like any other kind of music, is constantly changing. New music is simply an extension of the traditional classical music tradition, which represents the creative and cutting edge of classical composing. After all, new music itself is just that: new music composed by live, living composers. It therefore follows that new music should also be more innovative and different than its older predecessors.

new music

A great example of the innovative new music that has recently come out is the band Sufjan Stevens and the crew from Sufjan Stevens and Friends. Sufjan Stevens and Friends is actually the musical offspring of Sufjan Stevens and his girlfriend, Jonice Shelton. Sufjan Stevens and Friends consists of a rotating cast of guest stars who give their own unique musical voice and guitar solos. The musical genre of Sufjan Stevens and Friends ranges from the light and airy pop of “isle” and “grade school girl”, to the more melodic rock songs of “wolf” and “yeck.”

Another new wave of music has emerged, this time it’s hip-hop. Hip-hop is an evolved form of rap music, but with a distinctly African American sound and feel. One of hip-hop’s pioneers was none other than Ice-T. In fact, hip-hop and rap are completely different, with hip-hop being the “face” of a particular culture and its own slang, whereas rap is more of a cultural icon and popular music genre.

Another more experimental new wave of music comes from the world of noise and experimental music. This type of music, sometimes known as post-rock, comes from such diverse artists as drone enthusiasts, Native American tribes, and the metal underground. Some of the most interesting artists who have released an album that falls in this new wave are Converge, Kindred, andthrophy. This new wave of music owes a lot to the late seventies and early eighties music movement, and owes a lot to the British Invasion.

But what really set the new wave in motion were the acts of Radiohead, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Nirvana. The key factor that helped make this new wave movement happen was the release of The Beatles’ Abbey Road album. This album, which came out in the late 1970s, kick started the new age of popular music, and helped create a completely new market for the music industry. It was also the first time since the nineteen eighties that people had access to new music after spending months and sometimes years trying to get their favorite songs played on the radio. Abbey Road, along with the other popular records like Abbey Rock and Steely Dan’s self titled debut helped make the new age of pop possible, which in turn helped to revitalize music industry revenue.

Over the past fifteen years or so, we have seen a handful of new wave acts rise to fame. One such act that emerged is Britney Spears and her famous little girl band called the Angels. But really, it wasn’t until the late 1990s that any band made a lasting impact on the world with their unique sound, unique lyrics, and memorable hits.