Music Review – Music 21 (Movie Review)

music 2021

Music Review – Music 21 (Movie Review)

Music 2021 is a new album from Canadian pop star Justin Timberlake and is out now! The album has received rave reviews, and rightfully so. Justin’s voice, the songs and the production all convey a very clear message, one that says if you really want it bad enough, you can get it done. It is not an overstatement to say that Justin is one of the best performing artists of our time. He has made his career on the strength of musical talent, following up on the great hits of his past records with some great ones.

Music 2021 contains no real surprise music or chart topping hits. That is expected. What is surprising is how well the album flows, with Timberlake simply guiding the listeners through each of his songs, weaving them together into a well paced, cohesive whole. Listening to this CD makes me feel like I am somewhere in Timberlake’s head, and I do have to admit, that is very interesting.

A track which features Justin covering Avril Lavigne’s “My Heart Loves Her More Than Anything” takes on a slightly different quality, as does his covering of Queen’s classic song “We Are the Champions.” There are some familiar voices on this album, including those of Carl Hamilton and Jennifer Lopez. But there is also a young artist on this list who should be known by name: Blanket Girl. The Canadian girl made her debut on the hit song “Come On You Beautiful Somethings” by Robin Thicke and has gone on to fame and fortune with singles including “Hannah Montana Live.” She sings about being fat and getting older, the usual subjects in an age obsessed culture. But she sings with a youthful vigor which is refreshing for an artist whose music is frequently dark and brooding.

As a bonus for fans of this age-old pop culture fad, Music 2021 includes some rare live songs. These include gems like the original composition by Duke Ellington and his orchestra, which you won’t find on any other album. Also included is Don Williams’ version of “Caribbean Cruise” and the New Orleans jazz standard “Blue Moon of Kentucky.” They both have a timeless quality and add just the right touch of fun to an otherwise serious collection of songs.

It is not surprising that one of the more interesting songs on Music 21 is James Morrison’s rendition of “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles.” The original was inspired by a real event, the collapse of the bubble house industry. It describes the way people dealt with stress and how they could come together to avoid disasters like that. This mellow, gentle music is a real winner, even if you are not a music lover.

In conclusion, Music 21 is a collection of music from a diverse genre that will delight anyone looking for something a little out of the ordinary. It contains songs that you would expect to hear while strolling through a park or at the beach, but it also includes music that only music lovers will truly enjoy. If you enjoy classical music but are not necessarily an opera fan, you will likely find something you enjoy here.