Music Conferences Taking Place Abroad, Europe’s Biggest Music Festival

Music Nation will be looking forward to the March installment of their annual Abstract Art exhibition which takes place at London’s Tate Modern on Wednesday, 5th March. The exhibition features works by Sir Philip Adams, curator of the London Art Gallery and a contributor to the Dictionary of Surfaces and Voice, the Dictionary of Errors, and his own painting entitled As Time Goes On. A quick bit of background: the Tate Modern is one of the most prestigious organisations in London dedicated solely to the promotion of contemporary art. Sir Philip was a key founding member of the institution and today he is its Director.

So, if you have not yet seen him, you are definitely missing out on an opportunity to learn more about the work of a renowned British artist. But if you have been to a music event recently then you may well have caught sight of him, as he frequently makes appearances to promote upcoming exhibitions and performances. In fact, he is one of the most popular artists in the music world today. Music lovers will no doubt want to attend the forthcoming conferences in order to celebrate and experience his uniquely innovative and memorable music.

Music lovers who are planning to attend the upcoming London Music Conference should follow the festival calendar to ensure they catch the second of the vital conferences in the summer. On the off-chance that the first meeting of the year takes place during the same time as the Copenhagen Music Festival, it is highly recommended to attend both events. The main highlight of the two conferences is the opportunity to engage in discussions on the future of music and how artists and curators can continue to influence society and raise awareness of contemporary issues surrounding music. It is also a chance to experience the cutting edge technology being used in the process of creating and performing music. This will make it easier for participants to compare notes and devise a strategy for the future.

If you have already travelled to the capital to attend previous conferences in the past, you will know what to expect at the second London Music Conference. For a more personal experience, music fans can also attend a concert dedicated to the late Bob Dylan. The singer’s own estate will host the gathering, with tickets going on sale early in February. Tickets for this special event are expected to sell out very quickly, so if you are interested you better act fast.

As mentioned previously, the main conference proceedings will take place in the city of Stockholm. However, attendees can still attend the other important conferences taking place in various cities around the globe. A few weeks after the musical event in Stockholm, the Annual Abstract Art and Contemporary Writing Congress will take place in Paris. The main highlight of the Congress is the chance for prominent French artists to present their works at the opening and closing ceremonies. Other important exhibits include art from Russia, Norway, Spain, India, China, and the United Kingdom.

There are many conferences and exhibitions taking place during the course of the year, but music lovers have a special one to look forward to: the Music Bizcon conference in Malmo, Sweden. Music lovers can attend this unique exhibition by the Sea Organ in August. This will feature a wide range of musical acts from around the world, as well as a number of abstract artists and exhibitions. It is an ideal place for people interested in music and culture to get together. Be sure to visit the music website before booking your tickets for the Music Bizcon conference in Malmo.