Music 2100

Music 2021 is the twenty-first Century’s “Hip Hop” album. For those unfamiliar with the term, Hip Hop is a genre of music that has grown substantially over the last few decades. What was once considered to be a “counterculture” movement has now become mainstream, taking over segments of our society like never before. In addition, Hip Hop artists are redefining music with untraditional sound concepts and new musical influences. In this book you will learn what is new in Hip Hop and learn how to get your music heard by the masses.

music 2021

Jazz and new Latin music are finding their place in the world’s popular music. While they share similar sounds, their styles are radically different. Jazz is a free form of expression that showcases the composer’s wit and style. Latin, on the other hand, is a classical style of music. Latin utilizes Latin rhythms and scales to create an unparalleled musical experience.

The twenty-first Century is not going to be the same as the nineteenth or twentieth century. Music will continue to evolve and change in new ways. Trends come and go but musicians have yet to duplicate any of the trends that have appeared during these time periods. Music should be considered a collaborative art and should be created by many different people instead of just being created by a select few.

Just as Jazz and Latin are ever changing, so are genres of music. R&B is becoming more popular and although it is not truly modern, it is certainly up to date. Rap and pop are both going through changes. Artists are still trying to find their place within the new framework that is emerging. Just because a song is popular does not mean it is the right song for your new audio/video project.

Music can range from ballads to r&b and everything in between. Finding the perfect fit for your project can be difficult. That is why listeners should seek out independent music stores. These stores specialize in only new and independent music and will help you find exactly what you want.

A strong and healthy music industry is vital for all artists. New artists and old are both trying to reach the audience. The music industry will continue to change and grow, but it is up to the listeners to keep up with the new sounds and styles. Music should never be static, it should always be evolving and changing.