Music 2100 by Taking Back Sunday

Music 2021 is an electronic album by Canadian musician Arty Legg. Produced and mixed by Legg and his long time friend, Peter Coutts, Music 2100 is the band’s first album since the dissolution of their major label, The Knife. It features new material and also some unreleased material that was only known to the group prior to their break up. This album represents the band at its early years of popularity and also showcases what could become a very successful reunion touring act. In this article, I will review Music 2100.

music 2021

What separates this album from other debut albums is that Legg & Co. did not spend a lot of money on producing the album. As with most debut albums, the production techniques are not of the highest standards, which does not help the album sell very well. However, as with everything, Music 2100 was expected to be a sleeper hit and it comes out on top. That sleeper hit is largely based on the instrumentals. The lead guitar, keyboards and drum beats of the album are among the best of its genre.

On paper, the main theme of the album concerns divorce. Legg and Coutts have both previously worked with people in a troubled marriage. On Music 2100, they bring these experiences into the studio and create an album of excellent music. Some of the songs on the album are about breaking up or the pains of dating someone new. Other songs deal with matters of jealousy and power struggles.

Music 2100 feels like a collaborative effort, with each member playing an important role. Whether you are a seasoned guitarist or not, the structure of the album and the song structure itself will keep you listening until you hear something new. While this album is not a great replacement for The Knife, it stands on its own for those looking to expand their musical horizons or who simply want to hear something completely different than what they have heard on previous albums.

There is no doubt that the band members themselves brought a fresh and unique perspective to music. They had not written the songs nor would they have played them if they were playing them for the very first time. In fact, Legg and Coutts wrote most of the songs. They put their musical influences and their own personal stamp on the songs that make up Music 2100. It is an album that will not only satisfy hardcore fans of The Knife but also those who simply want a different kind of music from what they have been listening to up until now.

So, whether you were a fan of The Knife before hearing Music 2100, you will find something new to hear that is of interest. Even if you never got to see The Knife live, you can still get an enjoyable listen to this album. And, as stated earlier, it is an album worth purchasing even if you did not spend any time with The Knife during its creation. If you enjoyed The Knife’s music before, you are sure to have another great listen with this debut album.