Music 21: Learn to Play Music and Enjoy Yourself

Music Allon’s new book, Music 2021, is filled with delicious food recipes. I always love reading books about food and making my own recipes, such as this one. Music is such a large part of our culture that there is plenty of room here to touch on several types of music and some delicious meals. My favorite thing about Music Allon’s new book is that it takes you from beginning to end, so you really get to know the dishes.

music 2021

The first course is called Olives in the Olive Tree. A bowl of soup and some very simple vegetables make this a wonderful starter dish. You can just leave the soup off of the main course and spend a little time on the other items. If you want to go all out, you could have pieces of grilled salmon baked with breadcrumbs on the side. If you get tired of the fish, you could also substitute it with shrimp.

Another appetizer or snack idea is to take a bag of mixed greens and boil them in a bit of olive oil until they are soft. You can add celery stalks, chopped zucchini and red bell pepper. Use a bit of minced garlic to taste. After the greens are cooked, mash them up. Add chopped olives and some of your pickled vegetables and you will have a tasty meal that you can enjoy by yourself or with a group.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to green vegetables and meat. Vegetables and fish are great options for this cookbook because there are dozens of interesting and unique songs that you can accompany it with. You can even throw in some of your own guitar riffs and have a ball.

In the second recipe, you will be looking at spicy and delightful sauces that you can use to dress up your tortilla chips. These sauces come in many varieties, but for our purposes, we will stick with a nice and easy to prepare sauce. This is perfect for taco parties, potlucks and any other gathering where you might want to serve something different. One popular choice is Cheesy Chicken Dip.

Music 21 is the perfect music book for anyone who wants to learn to play an instrument or learn some new songs. Even if you aren’t looking to start a band, you can certainly learn a few tunes and have some fun doing so. Just remember that if you sing along to one of these songs, make sure that you are also singing the lyrics to it. If you try to read the lyrics, then you may miss some of the words and this could potentially cause the song to become very frustrating. If you really want to learn the song, then you should read the music instead of just singing along.