Music 1992 – A Book Review

Music 1992 is the follow up to the popular Home Sweet Home and is set to be one of the year’s most talked about movies. starring Dabney Coleman, Kevin Kline and Kate Capshaw, the film is directed by Michael E. Girdle and produced by Annabelle Lee. The film was supposed to be a spin-off of the successful Home Sweet Home, however the producers needed time to perfect their script and found that the story did not flow as they had envisioned. The film did make a small splash at the Sundance Film Festival but ultimately failed to gain distribution outside of the United States.

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Music 1992 follows four friends as they find themselves caught up in the music industry. The foursome consists of singer-turned-actor Kate Capshaw, guitar-playing bassist Kevin Kline and the late Christopher Reeve. Reeve played a major role in the book, writing several episodes and playing a pivotal character in the movie. With the help of their friends, the friends pursue their own musical dreams. Though the book was not a critical success, the film managed to earn over $100 million worldwide and made Ms. Capshaw a name known beyond her book and on-screen career.

Music 1992 follows the lives of the foursome as they seek to pursue their own music careers. Following a drunken night in a bar, the friends drive down a dirt track in hopes of striking it rich. However, things do not go well as the band gets separated from their traveling companions. A briefcase falls off of the hood of the car and accidentally hits Reeve who fell unconscious due to a drunken ramble. He is taken to a hospital, where he passes out and is pronounced dead on the way to the morgue.

Two days later, Kate goes to a concert attended by her family and meets her childhood friend, Frank Poole (Kenny Powers). Frank teaches Kate how to play the guitar, and she tells him about a song lyrics she heard on the radio. Within a short period of time, the two begin to form a romantic relationship, though they are still very much just friends. They are both also starting to notice differences in their appearance as they become more aware of their body’s signals.

The music business is not as lucrative as one would expect from a book about music written by someone who did not experience it firsthand. Ms. Capshaw had to work hard to get her words out there. She had to meet with several film executives before her book got produced. This was due to the fact that many in the film industry were afraid to touch new music because of the possible lawsuits that would be filed. She was able to keep her story alive because of the support of her publishers.

In Music 1992, Ms. Capshaw managed to tell her story through the eyes of a new generation of music lovers. Her book provides an interesting glimpse of the early music business. She shares her views on what it was like to work in the music industry and about the pitfalls that aspiring artists have to face. While this may not be the same for every listener, it will surely make you more receptive to new music.