Music 1922 Review

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Music 1922 Review

Music lovers will be in the mood for Music Game as they look forward to Music 2022. This book is a collection of short stories and essays about music, written by Rebecca Ferguson. Each story is based around one segment of the decade, which was the music of that decade. For example, if it is the seventies and you listen to the music of that decade, you will find yourself listening to songs from the Beatles. Similarly, if it is during the nineties and you listen to the music of that decade, you will hear songs from Michael Jackson.

I enjoyed the book because each story was different and had a different sound to it. Some were sad, some happy, some funny and some I found downright ridiculous. Like when one of the songs described the fight between Britney Spears and Chris Brown. This was a song about a horrible fight that took place in the music industry. The singer wanted to single out one of them so she could replace him, but was told that there would be no room for her and she instead chose Spears. I listened to this song and laughed and then thought about how ridiculous it was and how British people do not fight over music any more than they fight over politics.

Other songs were about love, some were about partying, others were about longing and desire. There were also sad songs and some that made me think about my own death. One book I especially liked was When You Are Gone. It tells the story of how Sarah Brightman’s song came to be and how it influenced people’s lives including mine. In fact one of the last songs on the album mentioned dying and being forgotten, which to me makes it very touching.

The best thing about Music 1922 is that it is so easy to lose yourself in the music and forget about anything else. For example, when you are listening to the song ‘Who is it?’ you don’t even notice the lyrics except for the words ‘you’ and ‘your’. This means that listeners will find the book very soothing and interesting.

Another good thing about this book is that the author managed to combine music and literature, something few other authors are able to do. She manages to combine poetry with music and she writes in a very readable way. Music is a huge part of our culture today and whilst many people see music as nothing more than noise, the facts tell a different story. Reading Music 1922 will definitely make you feel more inspired to listen to music yourself.

The Song Writer by Joanna Martine Woolfolk is available from all good online retailers like Amazon and inkle. It can be read in its present condition or even used to create music. It is a simple to read a story about how Joanna came to write some of her most well known songs. Music is a huge part of our culture today and this book should not be missed. Whether you are a music lover or a music teacher, it is a must have for your list.