Music 1922: Review

Music 2022 is coming to a theatre near you this July! This new play by Jacob Nelson Lurie is based on the life of Rebecca Ferguson, an artiste who came from a musical family. In Music Breaker, she delves into her painful childhood and how her family pushed her towards the performing arts in her young days. It takes a clear and poignant look at how music can shape our lives and how important it is to nurture and support our children in taking that first step into the world of show business. The musical score features mostly original songs.

music 2022

Music Breakthrough is produced by Peter Spencer with the help of Tim Rice and Jennifer Saunders. The musical director is Jacob Nelson Lurie. Music Breaker incorporates a number of musical styles ranging from classical to pop. Each act is a full cast including: Ashley Tisdale, Michael Chiklis, Nelly Furtado, Rosemary Clooney, Dan Butler, Kevin Dunn, and Kate Nash.

Music Breakthrough is set to run for ten performances. If you are looking for a musical that will really get your adrenaline pumping then Musically severance by Jacob Nelson Lurie is definitely not one to miss. Though the plot seems to be a bit hazy at first, the play turns out to be a very intense experience. The musicals plot revolves around a young girl who loses her father when he falls ill and leaves her to live on her own. This all takes place after her Uncle passes away and she now has to take care of herself.

The plot of the play is quite emotional. Rebecca’s grandmother makes it clear that she doesn’t think her daughter will amount to much of a contribution to her family. But Rebecca’s heart is not convinced and her grandmother makes this very clear. This leads to a conflict between the two which has the potential of developing into a love story. However, the musical takes a different route and it is more of a drama than a musical.

Music 1922 is produced by Joanna Martine whom you will know from her previous plays such as Amour fouet. Though the first half of the play is quite slow, once the musical numbers kick in it becomes quite fast paced. This might be a disappointment to some people as it is not the type of musical that they expect.

Musically speaking, this is not a good play. It lacks the pizzazz of other musicals. There is no real sense of harmony between the characters and their dialogue is sometimes hard to understand. However, if you are a fan of musicals then this one might become an instant hit.