Hot Country Songs

Country music is perhaps the most widely listened and most popular genre in the United States. There are many subgenres within country music, but the three most popular are bluegrass, which is southern inspired music; rockabilly music, which is often considered to be an outgrowth of the hippie music movement; and folk, which is influenced by traditional music. Country music has been around for over a century. It started out with the mainstay of country music: home and western. Over the years, country music has developed into an array of styles, such as rockabilly, blues, spirituals, Old-time, Celtic, folk, and country music.

Some of the most popular stars in the country music scene are: Merle Travis, Glen Campbell, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Elvis, George Strait, along with many others. The Hot Country Songs of yesteryear have been enduringly sung by many artists. You can hear their timeless melodies on the radio, on the television, or at the country music concerts. If you want to listen to some of the country music songs that really get the heart pumping, you can do so by heading down to your local country music store. Some of the stores offer CDs that feature a variety of old-fashioned country songs, along with many new ones that have recently come to life on the country music charts.

Many of the country music stars can be found singing their hit hits live on the country music talk shows on the TV. If you live in a major metropolitan area, you may be able to find a few of your favorite country stars performing at various country music concerts in your area. For example, if you go to a country music concert in El Monte, CA, you will likely see George Strait, Merle Travis, Glen Campbell, or Elvis on the billboard outside of the old town road in front of the venue.

In addition to seeing country music stars perform live on the country music talk shows and across the country, there is no shortage of great country songs written by great American writers. Many songwriters have gained stardom by writing country songs that have topped the country charts, including: “Red, Red, Go Home,” by Bob Dylan, “Whole Lotta Love,” by The Beatles, “White Room,” by Van Halen, “I Forgot to Remember to Forget,” by The Rolling Stones, “ologies,” by Owl City, “I Forgot to Remember,” by Owl City, and “Cedar Tree,” by Van Halen. You can also view a number of country music artist’s song lyrics on the internet. To view a list of these websites, type in an appropriate country song title into any major search engine.

Many country music stars have also made their own music videos, many of which can be found on the internet. These types of videos provide an inside look at how a country artist goes about creating and performing their craft. These videos provide fans with a peek into the craft and show off the talents of a country artist at work. Country music has even been the theme for an award winning TV series called, “American Top Music.” An example of this would be an episode of “American Idol,” which used music videos to tell the story of a boy from Texas who was able to reach the top of the country charts.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways that country music is played, enjoyed, seen, heard, and written. The radio stations, television programs, video, and concert halls have all played an important part in the development of country music. If you love this timeless genre, do not be afraid to take part in it. Be a part of the history and tradition of hot country songs by reading up on some of the many great authors and performers of this great genre.