Hot Country Songs Go Viral on Social Media

Country music is a collection of traditional songs, which originated in the United States. It has undergone many changes and improvisations over the years. Some of the country songs are: Old Time Rock and Roll, Down by the Docks, I’m a Believer, I Still Believe, Just a Little Work, The Breakup Song, Thank God I’m a Country Boy, I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, You Give Me the Roses, White Room, Come As You Are, Wasted, Good-Bye, I’m a Country Boy, It’s Raining, Green Grass and High Tides, When the Saints Go Marching in, The Rainbow Connection, I’m Left, My Blind Heart, Hurtin’ on the Corner, Good-Bye, Dirty Laundry, Good Times at Last, Wonderful Tonight, Goodnight, Good Luck, Thank God I’m a Country Boy, Ooh La, I Am a Country Girl, Home on the Range, Chasing Snow, You Will Never Walk Alone, Come As You Are, You and I, Come Together, I Am a Country Girl, You and I, Here, There and Everywhere, Home on the Range, Wildflowers, Hallelujah Chorus, Silvery Sky, Wonderful Tonight, I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Settles, It’s Raining, It’s Rainy Sunday, Down by the Docks, All I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Settles, My Life Has Been a Dream, Thank God I’m a Country Boy, Down by the Docks, You Will Never Walk Alone, You and I, Down by the Water, It’s Raining… The list goes on.

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Music has always been a catalyst that sparks creativity. When young kids start making music, they will often burn this fire into their very souls by playing it in public or by putting their CD’s up on a billboard. Even though they may be playing old country songs on a hot country music website or in a fast-paced jam at a country music festival, their creativity will soar to new heights. The creative spark will come out when they hit the microphone to sing their great songs. And even though most great country songs were written long ago, the memories and emotions of these timeless hits live on as new artists to create fresh takes on old songs in a modern way that is both exciting and inspiring.

Take for example Back in Black by Jerry Lee Lewis, which was originally recorded by none other than Ella Fitzgerald with the title “White Room.” On the original album, the opening lyrics spoke about how someone can’t go home because all their friends are going to die someday. But if you go to that exact same billboard today, you’ll see a picture of a beautiful house with two white children walking on a white decorated road. If you’re a parent of two little girls who love to travel and are familiar with this song, you know where this album fits right in. It may not have the title “White Room,” but if you search for that specific song in country charts online, it should be right there.

Another great country music lyric that’s making the rounds in country charts today is Elmo’s “Where Have All the Flowers Gone.” This is a very wise country artist asking the question: Where have all the flowers gone? This is a track that has topped country music albums for several times and yet, many people who are familiar with the words don’t really know the song’s theme. Maybe this is because it speaks directly to a parent who knows how hard it is to take care of a child and doesn’t understand how long ago that flower garden or the rose bush really did bloom.

One of the hottest country songs right now is the Chainsmok song “Wake Up When You Get Home.” This track has been featured on several country music radio stations and has been going crazy for weeks. A lot of people are wondering how the country artists keep the songs coming back up when so many listeners lose interest in them. The answer is simple: timing! If you find a great country song and keep the timing just right, you will never run out of traffic on the country charts.

Perhaps one of the most popular songs right now is the duet between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry called, “Katy Perry Loves Me.” While the original version had the pair making out on a billboard, the updated version puts the two celebrities on a makeshift street billboard located in an old town road inapt, Florida. This is just one example of the artists taking advantage of their fame to get a little help while they’re being famous. With artists like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, the sky is really the limit. Just make sure you keep your timing just right, because good old fashioned country music is about the best you can do.