Our business understands your business. We know that you are looking for pure service, pure and simple.

We understand that you are too busy to hunt about, looking for the best deal. So, we just give it to you anyway.

We don’t make it hard to find the prices or the timescales involved in our service plan. It’s all there, in black and white, in a way that is easy to read.

We don’t do complicated deals, have pricing structures that only Einstein could fathom or blind you with science. What we offer is in plain English and with a clear pricing policy.

And it should go without saying that we always offer the best service there is going for your business.

Our technicians are all experts in their field and should be able to give your device an immediate diagnosis, there and then, the moment you bring it into our store.

With the same commitment to excellence for our business clients as we give to our retail customers, you can be guaranteed the highest standard of service, as well as pricing.

If we are unable to fix your device, we either tell you there and then, or do not charge you.

But in most cases, we can and do repair broken and dying cellphones, laptops and other devices. And we can restore your lost data too.


For our business customers, we offer the same standard of long distance postal repairs, as we do for our retail clients, with one important difference.

Our business clients are invited to set up an account with us, so we can service your entire technological needs.

This means anything you want to send us, anytime, can be sent for our team’s consideration.

Of course, you can talk to us before you send anything, via our client portal. This is where you can use our webchat service – or maybe just an old fashioned telephone call – to contact our technicians about your problem. If we can help you, then you will be asked to post the item in.

All repairs will be sent by return registered post, unless our clients specify otherwise.


For customers who live in closer proximity to one of our physical stores, we offer our own courier service.

This means a member of our team will come directly to your place of work and collect your broken device.

In some instances, it may even be possible for us to work on your machine at your premises.

And we offer a fully comprehensive account service, with everything included.

Because of our experienced crew, we are able to handle the capacity of a business’s needs and have a fast turnaround time for the repair of your device.

After all, we know only too well just how quickly you need to get them back in play!