Got a cracked screen? DON’T PANIC!

We get it. We get that your phone is your literal world and without it you don’t know how to function.

We know that you conduct your social life on there. Run your work life from it, keep your family life ticking over and just… your entire life in general.

We get, that without your phone you’re locked out of your home, so to speak, that you can’t remember your own phone number, let alone anyone else’s. We understand, that all your work files are uploaded to your mobile device and need to be accessed NOW!

We also understand the cold sweat that drenches you, when you suffer a data loss or your PC crashes. Whether it’s a laptop you use for work, or pleasure, or both, we can and will fix it. If we can’t – we don’t charge you for trying – simple as that.

And we don’t take forever about doing it, either. We have a strict policy, for our walk in repairs; we will get your device up and running within 48 hours, in most cases.

For our long distance customers, we offer a postal service, through either a courier or registered mail.

To find out if we can fix your device before you post it off to us, simply give us a ring or chat to us via our web portal. That way we will have a better idea of whether we should be able to attempt the repair, or not.

Once again, if we can’t repair it, there’s no fee and we will pay the return postage.

Our dedicated technicians can service a range of devices, from tablets, desktops, laptops, games and all smart phone ranges.

Got a question? To discuss your needs further, we would love to hear from you. Simply email, phone or drop us a line, via our live chat!